Pin Your Inspiration

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What It Is
>>A contest on Pinterest.
>>A way to share an image of what inspires you creatively with our knitting community.
>>A chance to win 1 of 3 prizes: one $100 Knit Purl gift certificate or one of two $25 Knit Purl gift certificates.

What to Do
>>Sign up below to join the contest.
>>Pin your inspiration to your Pinterest account.
>>Tag us in the description with “#knitspirationpdx”
>>Wait for us to announce our winners in August.

What Not to Do
>>Be employed by Knit Purl, Shibui, or Cameron Design Group.
>>Be a friend or relative of an employee of Knit Purl, Shibui, or Cameron Design Group.
>>Pin anything inappropriate or offense.

3 thoughts on “Pin Your Inspiration

  1. Hi there! I just wanted to let you know that it looks like tagging KnitPurl with #knitspirationpdx alone won’t do the trick. I clicked on the hashtag and Pinterest directs me a to a page that says “We couldn’t find any results for ‘knitspirationpdx’.” I think you might have to do both @knitpurlpdx and also #knitspirationpdx.

    1. Thanks, Meredith!

      It should be fine with just the hashtag, but Pinterest takes a while to aggregate the information.

  2. I created a board and pinned my inspirations for choosing yarn for a project. I’m surprised that you didn’t require us to give us a url of our board or a pinned picture. I hope you’re able to find me. (4jlessad)

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